Physics and Chemistry 3rd ESO (4th Form)

Working materials

Classroom language Vocabulary organizer

Front page of the laboratory report Vue installer  (concept mapping free software)

Concept mapping page






Experimental homework

Scientific news

Ultimate lab safety.

Find what is wrong: Safety at the laboratory.

Safety at the laboratory
Basic material at the laboratory

The paper sheet thick

The corpuscular theory of matter.

States of matter, kinetic-molecular theory and gas laws.

The weight of the air
Vacuum and the baloon
Presure at suction pads
Density of solids
Heating and boiling water.

Vacuum packaging
Charles's Law balloon experiment.
Boyle's Law experiment.

Elements, simple substances, compounds and mixtures.

Solved concentration exercises.

More concentration exercises.

Chalk and paper chromatography.
Petrol and water separation.

CuSO4 crystallization.
The salt in the
sea water
Preparation of solutions

Home made decantation funnel.
Condensed water on a cold glass
Crystallization of common salt (NaCl)

Atoms, molecules and crystals.

Solved formulation and naming exercises.

The shape of molecules
Electrization of matter.
Construction of an electroscope
How an electroscope works.

The black box.

Electrified ballons.

Chemical reactions.

Solved balancing chemical equations exercises.

Amount of substance and chemical reaction exercises.

Reaction between two gases.
The efervescent pill.
Investigation: scourer oxidation.
Reaction rate and concentration.
Reaction rate and temperature.
Reaction rate and surface.
The chemistry of breathing.
Cigarette smoker.
Pirolysis of sawdust.

Playing with bicarbonate

Chemistry in action.

Electric properties of matter.

Current through three bulbs.
Potential and current intensity: Ohm's law.

Inside a battery.

Periodic Table of the Elements